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What SOPA Alberta Clients Are Saying About Job Search Strategies

What SOPA Alberta Clients Are Saying About Job Search Strategies

The Job Search Strategies course provides clients who are overseas with access to relevant and up-to-date information and resources on how to find a job in Canada (self-assessment, resume & cover letter writing, networking tips, and interview preparation). Clients learn and practice skills which make them more competitive for positions in the Canadian labour market.

Read on for feedback from SOPA Alberta clients about their experience with Job Search Strategies:

Kazeem is an experienced project scheduler/planner from Nigeria who arrived in Calgary in the beginning of August.


“I’ve learned so much from the JSS course; it equipped me with the necessary knowledge. I strongly believe that the course will help me to find a job in Canada and to integrate in the Canadian workplace. In addition, the course better prepared me to communicate with potential employers and my co-employees. In a nutshell, I’ve learned effective communication skills which are vital to the job search".

Winnie is a supply chain professional from New Zealand. She and her family chose to move to Alberta for its natural beauty, job opportunities, and diversity. 


“The JSS course helped me a lot in clarifying what is required to write a Canadian-style resume, and how important it is to tailor your resume to match with the job advertised. With all the topics that were covered in the course, I liked the Targeted Resumes & Cover Letters section the most. I had the opportunity to create my own targeted resume to a real job advertisement and instead of it going to a potential employer—from whom I'm unlikely to receive feedback on whether it’s done right—I had an awesome facilitator in this course who provided me with lots of feedback. The course helped me to boost my confidence with writing resumes as well as steering me in the right direction in job searching”.

Oladotun is originally from Nigeria and he'll be arriving in Alberta in mid-October. He’s a geologist planning to work in the construction sector. He took the Job Search Strategies course to get a better understanding of the format of Canadian job interviews and to learn how to approach employers.


“I feel very delighted to have completed the course. This wouldn't have been possible without my JSS facilitator. Now, I’m familiar with the difference between soft skills, employability skills, marketing skills and interview skills. I can articulate each of the skills clearly. The most important skills I’ve learned are definitely the interview skills, because I had zero interview experience before taking this course. Now, I’ve a very good understanding of what to expect in an interview, how to make a good first impression, and how to give an effective response during the interview".

To learn more about Job Search Strategies and to arrive better prepared in Canada, register for free online courses at 

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Sunday, 17 January 2021

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