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How to Get Your International Credentials Recognized in Canada

How to Get Your International Credentials Recognized in Canada

Foreign credential recognition is one of the main employment challenges faced by newcomers in Canada. Before moving to Canada, it’s crucial to find out as much as you can about the Canadian standards you'll need to meet in order to practice your profession. Some credentials obtained outside of Canada may not be recognized as equivalent to Canadian credentials, for example.

  • Educational qualifications such as degrees and diplomas
  • Occupational qualifications such as professional certificates
  • Work experience

If you obtained your credentials outside of Canada, these are considered international or foreign credentials. You may need to get your credentials evaluated if you want to work in Canada. There are two types of occupations in Canada: Non-regulated (a profession or trade that does not require a licence to practice) and Regulated (a profession that require a licence). Among the many regulated professions are nursing, engineering, teaching and plumbing.

The process for getting a license or certificate to practice any of the regulated occupations varies from province to province and from job to job. Not every province regulates the same occupations, and each province has its own professional regulatory organizations for a variety of occupations. Professional registration may require assessment of your education and your English language ability as well as the completion of national exams.

Find your Professional Regulatory Organization in Alberta

Some occupations in Alberta may be classified differently than in other countries or provinces and may require different qualifications. To find out how to work in a regulated occupation or trade in Alberta, contact the appropriate professional regulatory organization.

You can start the licensing process from your home country by contacting your occupation's regulatory body and obtaining the necessary information.

Get Your Foreign Credentials Recognized Before Arriving in Canada

Arrive prepared. It’s essential to know if you're qualified work in your profession, and what you might need to do before or after you arrive in order to do the same or similar work in Canada: write an exam, take a course, or enroll in a program at a university, for example.

Getting paperwork and documents organized prior arrival is much easier when you're in the country where you obtained them. It’s more difficult to coordinate it from abroad.

It may take some time to get your credentials assessed, and complete any required examinations or coursework in order to get your professional licence to be eligible to work in Alberta, but there are many agencies and settlement organizations across the province to help newcomers with the process. 

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Sunday, 17 January 2021

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