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    About Us

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CCIS is the Alberta partner for the SOPA (Settlement Online Pre-Arrival) Program.

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SOPA helps immigrants with their job search, settlement and cultural integration before they arrive in Canada.

  • Resume Writing

    Resume Writing

    Your resume is one of the most important tools for your job search. We'll assist you in creating a high-impact resume that will help you stand out.
  • Workplace Integration

    Workplace Integration

    Learn about the Canadian workplace's written and unwritten rules, subtleties employers expect everyone to know, as well as communication techniques and strategies. We'll help you understand workplace culture before you begin your new job in Canada.
  • Interview Preparation

    Interview Preparation

    Convince the employer that you are the right person for the job. Prepare for job interviews and become more confident. The more confident you are in your interview, the more likely you are to get a job offer.
  • Settlement Help

    Settlement Help

    Get general settlement assistance, including community and labour market orientation, and referral services, to help you make the transition to life in Alberta.
  • Networking


    Building genuine professional relationships is key to accessing the hidden job market (job openings that are not advertised). In order for people to know you, remember you, and recommend you for employment, you must be comfortable approaching others and talking to them about your strengths, career interests and goals. Our facilitators will teach you effective methods of connecting with people who have inside knowledge of your profession.
  • Job Search

    Job Search

    Acquire essential tools for a successful job search, identify your skills and goals, and understand the Alberta labour market. We'll help you prepare to find, apply for, and obtain employment.
Learn about workplace culture and how to find a job in Canada before you arrive.


Our culturally and professionally diverse team's wealth of experience and expertise in employment training and settlement support will help you prepare for your arrival in Alberta.

Aneta has a background in human resources and business administration. Her years of experience working with colleagues and clients with diverse cultural backgrounds have helped her to grow professionally and personally. She has transitioned into the non-profit sector to capitalize on her extensive experience in management and event planning and to assist newcomers in realizing their dreams of making Canada their home.
Mirjana has experience working in post-secondary education, assessing the career needs and goals of and recommending services to clients with diverse cultural backgrounds. Her background in business administration and professional expertise in human resources enables her to help clients understand employer needs and expectations and what newcomers need to know in order to obtain and maintain employment.
Olja Stojanovic is an internationally trained professional with broad expertise working in non-profit institutions and a strong passion for helping people. At SOPA Alberta, Olja works as an Intake and Employment Counsellor providing pre-arrival support to new immigrants and helping them to successfully integrate and achieve their career goals in Canada. She has a deep affection for work activities that assist others and promote learning and personal development. Her personal experience as a Canadian immigrant has aided her understanding of the needs of other immigrant professionals thus enhancing her ability to support newcomers in adapting and integrating smoothly into life and work in Canada.
Isis is a Cultural Communications Facilitator who helps Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) understand Canadian workplace culture. As an immigrant herself, she has experienced the cultural adaptation process and the rigours of finding employment in the Canadian labour market. She has ten years of banking sector experience under her belt as well as four years of experience as a business owner in Canada. Her real-life experiences have helped her understand the unique challenges that IEPs face in Canada and the opportunities they require to excel in Canadian workplaces. Isis currently facilitates all four of SOPA’s soft skills courses at SOPA Alberta including Workplace Communication, Complex Conversation, Working with Others and Social Interactions.


SOPA is delivered by a network of settlement agencies representing nine Canadian provinces. This network, of which CCIS (Calgary Catholic Immigration Society) is the Alberta partner, provides training to prepare immigrants for successful integration into their destined communities and the Canadian labour market. 

Our free online courses are delivered to any professional from anywhere around the world.  By participating in SOPA, immigrants will arrive in Canada better prepared and more confident to enter the workforce sooner.

SOPA is funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)